Last updated: July 5, 2018


The "Green Dragon" has returned to the 'Blue. For those 'Blue sailors that do not recognized the name, it is a name given to the crew of a Kaman UH-2A/B Seasprite that brought us our mail when we on station in Vietnamese waters. The Green Dragon was known for its humorous antics. So please view some pictures of 'Blue taken by crew of the Huey and two poems relayed to us from them. ENJOY!!!!


You made it clear and pointed out
The angels on your side.
With two downed pilots to your credit,
Your hearts are filled with pride.

The angels shine, both bright and clear,
In the noonday sun,
A hearty BRAVO ZULU, men,
For a job well done.

Those angels may be shown with pride,
On all your many tours.
For the halos glistening 'round their heads
May hide the horns on yours.


Ode to a shotgun, a ship named the BLUE
Ode to a shotgun, with a hell of a crew.

Up from South SAR, all ready to go
Her boilers all churin' two in a row.

Only one thing was missing, from December to March
The crew of GREEN DRAGON, with spirit and starch.

We mated again, our friendship foreseen
A ship called GOLDEAGLE, a Dragon called GREEN.

To you on the scopes, the Phantoms appeared
OLD DRAGON got airborne, for this task it's geared.

What looked like a blip, twas made out of tin
It's the return of the Phantom, he strikes again.

We brought you the parts just as you wrote
Took two flights a day, just to keep you afloat.

The poetry started, with rhyme and with verse
We read it and laughed, it could have been worse.

Then up from the flight deck, came one loaf of bread
Claims it's for the DRAGON, he needs to be fed.

But DRAGON said "nix" to the thought of the thing
Must be BLUE's finger, wanting a ring.

It indicates age, by decades I mean
One single finger has got to be clean.

Perhaps tis the drones, simply called "Dash"
Or is it the number, BLUE has made take a splash.

It couldn't be rescues, or things of that kind
They only refuel, and serve as a "blind".

With an owl on the bridge, a nest in one gun,
It's amazing to see, a job so well done.

You gave us a thrill, our hearts filled with glee
When you nodded to us, to see "DRAGON pee".

We gave you some flour, to improve your deck
We missed on the bomb run, oh well, what the heck.

The eggs came for Easter, the DRAGON did fetch
To bad that your fielders, were unable to catch.

We lifted the team, then got your goat
When we downed the helo, you went back by boat.

Your patch came aboard, and it looked real groovy
A Patch of Blue, we thought was a movie.

We sent you some fuel, to watch you all grapple
You thought it was jet, 'twas the juice from an apple.

You sent back your message you didn't know
The bottle of juice, was a job of pure snow.

Now we must part, your leaving so soon
But DRAGON must stay, until August moon.

We hope to run into your ship and your crew
But this is our statement, to bid you adue.

We got your finger, your poetry too
Just as expected from USS BLUE.

Roses are red, violets are blue
Colors like ships have problems too.

We tried to come up with a word to rhyme pansy
But decided you'd best stay a violet.

DD-744 General Specifications

Class: Allen M. Sumner class destroyer
Named for: John S. Blue
Complement: 336 Officers and Enlisted
Displacement: 2200 tons
Length: 376 feet 6 inches
Beam: 40 feet
Flank Speed: 34 knots
Range: 6500 Nautical Miles
Final Disposition: Sunk as target off California 28 April 1977